Monday, October 7, 2013

Creepy Ass Two sentences stories

      Thought of some creepy short stories. Here are a few of them-

       1.  I sensed someone was in the room, either on the couch or in the kitchen. I groped in the darkness, switched on the lights. I didn't see anyone till I asked and suddenly my voice squealed like a woman-
“Who’s there?”


2.       She was born all cute. I breast fed her. She didn't suck. She bit. 


3.  I was stranded on a lonely road at midnight. Tried calling my friends. Damn my phone’s battery had died. And suddenly it rang. 


4. I cried uncontrollably at her funeral. I updated my facebook- RIP Pooja. She was the first one to like it. 

5. She called up to give the sad news …of her demise.


6.  I was at the art gallery, admiring the portrait of Rajeev Gandhi, feeling sad about his brutal assassination and quipped- ‘that must have been painful.’ He frowned back- ‘Very.’


      7. I couldn't find my size in a pile of clothes at 70% sale at a store. I dug my hand into the huge basket of tee shirts, flapped a few around and suddenly found one- a hand passing me on the right size. 
      8. The lift took me to the 54th floor in a building that had 30. 

1 comment:

Karachiite said...

Abt #4 Pooja probably had unlimited facebook :p hehehe...
Btw, why are all ghostly actions done by females only? Refer # 1,2,4 n 5 :p