Friday, September 12, 2008

Carpe Diem...

...was the mantra of the Pindy P-a-h-t-y!

Yesternight revealed the SPIRIT-ual side of every one- SPIRITS like Vodka, Pina Colada, Bloody Mary, Screwdriver (ahem!!) Blue Label (Vinay has his second heart attack) and many others that I can’t even phonetically articulate!

Just a few post party thoughts-

- Chandrima- Mayya Mayya

- Tuhin – WOW! I have taken Vinay’s pictures. Will morph and make a raunchy MMS and mint some money!

- Suhas- Rasik Balma (his new gmail status!)

- Chandrima- Mayya Mayya

- Richa- Vegetarianism is the way to go! (Lokesh concurs!)

- Anirban- Pappu CAN dance sala, only after downing a couple of drinks, teehee!

- Chandrima- Mayya Mayya

- Aoneha- Damn dancing- it washed away all my layers of make up- foundation, rouge, mascara and exposed my real SULTRRRY, SEXXXXXXY and sweaty self! Ouch!

- Paran- What the Hic was that?

- Vidhi- Did I really buy a top before the p-a-h-t-y?

- Priya- Piyo Pilao, life banao!!

- Chandrima- Mayya Mayya

- Lokesh- An ultimate cross between chamiya and ‘Aee Sala’ Mithun Da!

- Megha- I must be so drunk- It wasn’t a pole but a bloody WALL!

- Rajat- Happy is my middle name!

- Vinay- Who the fuck guzzled two Blue Labels? My weak auricles and ventricles are still hurting!!