Thursday, September 17, 2015

Hush Mush...

Like an old photograph...
Tucked in a book,
Away from the prying eyes of the world,
You were my secret
And my scandal too,
Tucked in deep recesses of my heart.

Damn that morning,
When your enticing smile held my little finger...
And I tailed behind,
Following your ensnaring charm

I let you in,
To a secret place...
Where no one has ever been allowed,
Including myself;
my deepest darkest fears
my insecurities
my dreams.
You could see the halo
And the horns.
I stood stark naked,
In my full suit.
Stripped of any pretence,
Baring my soul.

You spoke about your multiple affairs...
You were my only one...
I smiled thinking...
I added another adventurous story
To your long list of 'charming men'. 
I smiled harder
Wondering if you found me charming?
Or if ours was an affair...
Or something remotely close
I realized I just stupidly complimented myself.

My curious little fingers...
Keyed into the maze of your wet tresses,
Sometimes slipping...sometimes entangled...
My palms cupped your gorgeous face,
My nose rubbing your nose pin...
Your soft skin turned red
Under my grip
Or was that acne?
A result of exciting thoughts?
Thoughts of you and me...
Part romantic, part kinky...

You smiled.
But your eyes didn't.
Those small little notorious marbles
Luminous yet so opaque...
Intriguing and misleading,
Damn those guarded holes...
Never letting a peek into your soul.

Your intoxicating kiss
That smelled of scotch
Got me addictive too...
To life!!