Monday, June 30, 2008

In Shape...!

Six months back I was in shape. Yes round is a shape. Six months hence, I am thankfully in shape. Kudos to my gym instructors Aditya and Darshan who have a sadist pleasure in making me do some hazar abs and hours of cardios. The funny bit is that every time you tell them you can't do a certain exercise, they have this Nile-long "you-loser" kind of smile that embarrasses the little mickey in you. But it has worked at the end.
I have lost some 5 kilos and 3 inches.
I can happily fit into my old jeans. I can atleast think (if not eat) of food and not put on weight and most of all, I no longer have to tuck my tummy in and hold my breath every time I run into a beautiful girl in the elevator or elsewhere.
I am enjyoing my new shape. :)

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Get Together!

my father is dead, hardly two hours-
his body stone-cold,
gently blending with the coldness of the marble,
his mouth agape, eyes shut

some old woman wails in the background
amidst which, gives a thousand instructions, sometimes angry, sometimes irritated~

"get some fresh flowers"
"the oil is on the top shelf"
"curd is in the refrigerator"

and with every new entry in white,
she instantly resumes her dramatic wailings

my brother is on the phone convincing relatives to pay a visit
the man on the other side has a genuine reason for not coming~
his whites are in the laundry

a gentle man looks genuinely shocked...
he says~
"what a gem of a human being he was..."
and the next moment he looks around for a cup of tea...

i even hear gems like~
"only two slices of mangoes in lunch today?"

during my father's months long illness
i didn't see a soul
strangely at his death, i see the entire world

huh! what a get together!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

I am bored stiff!

You know there's so much to do in life...but offlate I have been too demotivated to do anything. It's funny that post 25, you start losing interest in everything around you. Complacency becomes your second name. I just don't feel like doing anything- no work, no talking, no writing, no reading....just nothing at all! It's a very funny phase of life. I so want to write a book, do a show on TV, produce my own TV shows and so much more...and here I am, like a bloody dead pan, wanting to hibernate somewhere till eternity!