Wednesday, April 23, 2008


he looked like an angel when he took bath early in the morning, his wet hair neatly combed in dev anand's style, his cheeks shinning all pink in the morning sun that seived through the window. i think i even saw a halo behind his angealic face. he sat cross-legged and mom served him hot aaloo ka parathas. he had a very dude- like walk, just like shashi kapoor of yesteryears...although he looked like raj kapoor. he had a killer dressing sense, though i didn't like the way he tied his pants a little too high on the waist (there speaks the low-waist jeans generation!!) he had a dream too- he wanted to wear a white full suit on bhai's wedding, a dream that never came true...with a thousand dreams that died a tragic death...he didn't drive a fancy car, didn't vacation on a hill station with his family, didn't play squash in the morning, didn't splurge at all, didn't sport a gold bracelet like his peers, didn't even use a mobile phone, never took a flight to any indigenous or foregin destination...the only flight he took was heavenwards!

it's been almost a decade that i said papa...! i miss him!

Friday, April 11, 2008

An Indian Idle reviews American Idol

Let me begin with the good things-

1. Ryan Seacrest- I think he is the saving grace of the show. He is witty, funny, tongue-in-cheek and so much himself. I guess once you are engaged in a job for years, one tends to be repetitive or monotonous. Ryan Seacrest is a rarity for sure. He is fun and seems to have lots of fun on the show. And mind you, he is the ONLY one who can shut Simon's obnoxious trap and make him shift in his seat!

2. Participants-
I have two of my favorites. The first one has to be the cow-girl Kristey Lee Cook. I don't know much about singing, so can't really comment on that, but boy!!!!! she looks stunning man! She has the kind of smile that will light up any room and lift your dead spirits! My second favorite is David Cook. He seems like a good package- looks, style, singing, every thing decent enough to earn him a mention on my blog.

And now when we have got the good things out of our way, let's focus on the not so good things. There is so much of faff these days on these reality shows that it makes me wonder how on Earth can anyone speak so much. Don't they ever run short of words? I mean one can be tongue-tied sometimes or may be too confused to comment. But our esteemed judges have shit loads of things to say after every performance, half of which, even they don't understand.

Randy for example. I am sure amidst his- "check-this-out-dude-yo-yo-cool" comments, there are a plenty thoughts buzzing in his little round head. Just imagine how hilarious it would sound if we could hear his words and inner thoughts together-->
"OK check this out dude...I haven't been paid at all for this were good...yet here I am giving you my useless feedback...but it wasn't the kind of performance that would make me jump and swing...and why the hell is this Paula smelling like a camel today? the competition is tough...and my underwear is you gotta pull up your socks...and I don't understand a word that I am saying, so I better shut up...yeah yeah??

And then there is Paula, verbally challenged. Somebody please tell her that there are a thousand and forty synonyms for the word soulful. Also if she can remove her doll-like hair from her for head and eyes. She reminds of this Indian comic character- Billoo.

Simon seems to be the most sensible of all judges but in all his comments there is this constant undercurrent of -hey-I-m-the-official-rude box-of-American-Idol-so-watch-out-for-me. If you have missed me in the last seasons, no problem, here I am, unchanged, an exact replica of the last season, the same OBNOXIOUS SIMON COWELL!
But thankfully his candid remarks do make sense sometimes. At least he (unlike Paula) doesn't find every performance breathtakingly soulful!

My last thought- the Idle team of American Idol really needs to revamp the show to save this msucial Titanic from sinking!