Saturday, May 5, 2012

Arjun Kapoor and Parineeti Chopra

In my almost two decades of radio career (f*ck I am old), I have interviewed celebs of all kinds, good, bad, ugly, tantrum throwing, over friendly, superstars, shooting stars, even the dust. I have enjoyed some interviews thoroughly and slept through the rest but it’s always fun meeting celebs, asking them questions, trying to break through the cool fa├žade they shield their real selves with and finally managing a candid moment or two. I didn’t have to try much with Parineeti Chopra. She stands in sharp contrast to her uptight, boring, always politically correct but hot and sexy superstar cousin Priyanka Chopra. Parineeti is a breath of fresh air in an industry which is all about ‘it was great working with him’ ‘he is such a professional actor’ ‘if the script demands’ blah. Even when she is giving some safe answers, she either apologized for doing so or admitted she was sounding profusely boring. Whenever I interview anyone, I look for some fun, light-hearted, some shocking, some never before moments that I call promo worthy moments (that can run in the promos of my show) but most of all, I look for honesty. You can be the dullest human being on the face of this Earth, bore me to death with your yawn worthy answers, but if you serve it with any amounts of genuineness, I would have respect for you. Parineeti lived up to my expectation. She was as candid as it gets. Full respect. And immense respect for the man who lost his mom just before the release of his first film and here he is talking about his film, his once scale breaking weight, his likes, dislikes and facing adulation, speculation and all that in between with a smile. Arjun Kapoor was very unlike Parineeti. He was somber, to the point and very economical with his words hardly leaving me with any promo worthy moments, but he was honest in all his answers. Genuine and Forthright. I love Shakespeares. If you are glib, can juggle with words, convey your thoughts articulately, I fall for you. At one point in time I used to mistake them as intelligent. Not any longer. Arjun Kapoor is cogent with his words and intelligent too. The man speaks fast and thinks faster, has a sense of humor too. Alas! I couldn’t get enough of it on the phone though. Ishaqzade releases on 11th May. I will watch it not only for two of them who gave me brilliant interviews but also for the man who made one of the best films in 2010, Do Doni Char. I want to see what magic Habib Faisal weaves this time in Ishaqzade.