Friday, June 3, 2011

An apology to the inarticulate.

I want to apologise to many today. I might even take names. I think I am a bit shallow....or at least used to be. Isn’t funny how we always judge people by how glib they are, how well they can talk. Talent, a good heart, passion...nothing else matters but the gift of gab.
Almost half a decade ago, in a conversation with one of my friends, Neelu, I candidly called someone boring coz he wasn’t too articulate! She re torted, frowned and sighed at the ways of the world, how one is instantly written off if one doesn’t have a way with words. I might have brushed aside her thought as an overreaction but I realise now what she meant then! In fact I almost reacted similarly recently when yet another 24 year old judged the world based on the art of communication.
There are a lot of names that I can mention here whom I sincerely want to apologise to coz I thought they were ‘boring’/’worthless’ coz they couldn’t crack an original joke or string a one liner at a drop of a hat, but I would rather not. (Calling someone inarticulate on a public forum like this is not done)
So there was a student who wrote well, a radio colleague who is talent personified, another ex- colleague who has a heart of gold and so many others who faced my silly judgements all because they couldn’t say something funny/witty/interesting!

Words and wit might make good marketing, good packaging and sometimes JUST THAT!