Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Some memories clutch at the seams of my mind...Delhi and its beings still spasm every now and then in my mind, a native recurrent reminiscence for me! The Earth has taken a full solar revolution since I left India!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Post 56th Filmfare awards thoughts!

1. Sonakshi Sinha can think on her feet. Her ‘khamosh’ moment did leave the cheeky chandus Ranbir and Imran speechless.
2. Sonakshi’s amateur dance performance shows how she is still so untarnished with the ways of filmdom; her sharp contrast was Priyanka Chopra and her tribute to Madhuri Dixit.
3. Kajol reverently applauding everyone and sundry.
4. Katrina blowing kisses to practically everyone, Imran, Ranbir...err...Kareena. Was it bad editing of the show or the aftermaths of a breakup with Sallu?
5. Far better than any animated character hosting the show, far better than any smart ass act of wit, far far better than any wisely, wittily scripted act, what’s MOST endearing is to see Sonu Nigham go various stalwarts of the industry and weave some magic with his voice. Ah! How I wish I could slip into a song as effortlessly and beautifully as Mr. Nigham!
6. SRK can blah blah blah about his childhood days, how he holds Mr. Bachchan in great regard, how we all look upto him, how he always wanted to be like him, blah blah blah...and some more blah...and some more blah...someone tell the faff ball to shut up!! He can tomtom about his fake love for Mr. Bachchan in public and forget to reply to his birthday wishes.
7. I don’t hate SRK, but he is turning senile. Please tell him that humility is a virtue and silence, gold.
8. Arbaaz Khan’s candid confession of he had been struggling and finally struck gold with Dabangg was truly heartwarming!
9. Mamta Sharma’s very very very very very very very ‘thankful’ short speech was also truly heartwarming!
10. Farah Khan is a funny woman. She is funny when she is not reading from the autocue. After a spate of technical awards to Udan, she comes on stage and thanks GAWWWDD for no songs and dance in Udaan, else she would be deprived of this award!!
11. My most favourite moment- when my all time favourite Manna Da was given the lifetime achievement award.
12. Ranbir’s enactment of Rizwan khan of My name is Khan was spot ON!
13. Ranbir and Imran had a few funny moments!
14. Amitabh Bachchan with that white beard, like what was that dude?
15. So you thought Imran and Ranbir had you all cracked up? The funniest FILMFARE moment for me was- a) Kareena Kapoor- the best actress in a supporting role for We are Family.
b) Shah Rukh Khan- the best actor for MY name is Khan!