Friday, September 28, 2007

First blog!

I can so very well put my bucks on this. One in every three bloggers (what the hec, practically every blogger) who starts a new blog gives it a zillion thoughts on how to make THAT FIRST blog look KICK ARSE! A poem, a path breaking thought, a philosophical note on life, love and blah, a breaking news and so on and so forth.

I faced the same dilemma- after many anxiety ridden moments, I came with a gem! Post JUST THAT- "your inability to think of something superb for your first post."

Howzat? What? Has someone already written the same thing on his/her first blog? OUCH!
Toh kya likhu? Mar hi dalo...

Ok now I can understand your situation- donno what to comment?

Hello- how about telling me about those precious moments just before your first post?

Phew! Finally I wrote my first post!!!!!!!!!!

Too relieved!