Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Wagging tongues...

I had always been scared of people's judgements about me. Nearly altered me, myself and I, for the fear of "what would they think/say?"
They would never stop!
Even NOW, they label some new smart ass adjective on my identity...
I am the newest SNOB in town.
Coz I don't respond to their facebook pings anymore!!
Is it really my fault that I couldn't log out before dying?

God is...

like a sister-in-law of some random Ekta Kapoor's serial!
Always eavesdropping to my thoughts,
And laughing at my plans!


Is like swine flu. An Epidemic. Rampant!
Will elaborate later! Might even write a book! Right now, wallow time!

Life is like a cruel mother...

Shoves reality, like milkshake, down your throat!

P.S- Sans Sugar!

P.P.S- Thanks white dust!