Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Of lazy days and foggy eves Of misty mornings on desetred streets Of alarm snooze and non stop sneeze Of early sunsets on barren trees Of milder suns and piercing breeze Of peeling 'skin and orangees' Of cold creams and petroleum jellies Ah! How much I miss "Winter Delhi's"


The golden rods Of an angry heater Flickering fainting Almost Dying Warming the room’s volume Reluctant eyes Lead heavy Bargaining for five minutes Laden with dreams and rheum The day wakes up late, The Sun snoozes Eclipsed by clouds- The foggy shroud! The unbathed people Smelling of flavored perfumes The weak sighted head lights The halogen glasses on high beam In the cavern of my mouth The stalagmites of gritting teeth gleam The angry needles In mom’s magical hands Fight to knit some love Turn colorful woolen balls In pretty designs…a cat, a dog or dove The sun retires too early Devoured by the dark sky’s yawn Deserted streets Frozen feet The eerie wintry silence Broken by the clock Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock Buried under a blanket On a cold bed Bit of brandy and Vaseline Without wait Shut my eyes gate To gather some wintry dreams!