Friday, July 12, 2013

Bhag Milkha Bhag review!

Things I like about Bhag Milkha Bhag-

1.       Cinematography- instagramish, monochromatic shots of old Punjab- mesmerizing!

2.       Screenplay- love the juxtaposition of 1960, 1947 and years in between.

3.       Farhan’s expressions, body language

4.       Milkha-Isri (his sister’s) relationship

5.       Pawan Malhotra’s and Divya Dutta’s acting

6.       Sonam’s beauty

7.       Dialogues

8.       Love how Prasoon Joshi has internalized Milkha’s story and hence fictionalized it too!

Things I didn’t like about BMB-

1.       The partition should have been the focus of the film, alas it is not, hence it doesn’t manage to bring out the anguish effectively.

2.       Farhan’s speech- Saying ‘yaara-dildara’ doesn’t make you a Sikh boy. I could hear a South Bombay Farhan in Milkha Singh. (Where Irfan Khan who played an athlete in Paan Singh Tomar was so one with the character!)

3.       The length of the film. Be indulgent for your personal screening, for us, CUT THE DAMN THING SHORT! I could easily cut Sonam Kapoor’s episode, ghee gulping scene, training scenes and much more from the film.


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